Purely Organic, Natural Dried

ENJOYMENT WITH FLAVOR – Enjoy Our fresh DRIED MANGO Snacks made by Us for you to taste without the mess of dripping juice.

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Purely Organic, Natural Dried Banana

FULL VALUE OF FRUIT – Our Dried Banana snacks provide a great source of vitamins, minerals, and a full serving of fruit with no sugar added.

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Purely Organic, Natural Dried Pineapple

FROM FARM TO SNACKING – Our farmers harvest pineapples. We organically dry them to preserve their sweet, juicy flavors, so your family can snack on them.

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About Kasana Foods

Kasana means sunshine” or “sun” in Luganda. Our purpose is to bring you nutritious all-natural dried fruit and spices which give the best tasting and yet guilt-free pleasure.

Our Solution

Every year, 40% of Uganda’s fruits and vegetables go to waste. This is partly because there is often excess farm produce and the available market is too small to exhaust the produce. We are on a mission to bring delicious nutritious foods to our customers, while supporting farmers to increase incomes and reduce food waste. 

We are directly working with rural small holder farmers who supply us with fruits.

Besides making snacking memorable, we are contributing towards Zero Hunger.

We are contributing towards Responsible Consumption and Production. No food waste!

Purely Organic

100% Natural

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