9 Incredible Benefits Of Dried Papaya

Eating dried papaya is a good way to boost your nutrient intake and serves as a delicious mobile snack!

What is Dried Papaya?

Dried papaya is the dried form of the papaya fruit, scientifically known as Carica papaya. Native to the American tropics and central America, papaya fruit can be eaten raw, but it is popularly dried so that it can be stored for longer periods of time. In some parts of the world, this fruit is known as papaw or pawpaw. The fruit is composed largely of water (approximately 88%), but when it is dried, it becomes a nutrient-dense snack that can be energizing and beneficial for your health. Packed with various enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants, this papaya can be unsweetened or sweetened. [1]

Dried papaya is a great snack for your hunger pangs but make sure it is not coated with sugar. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Serving Size : 100 g1 62252 (23 g)1 90000 (28.35 g)
Total lipid (fat) [g]0.86
Carbohydrate, by difference [g]75.46
Water [g]20.84
Sugars, total including NLEA [g]65.46
Fiber, total dietary [g]5.6
Calcium, Ca [mg]67
Iron, Fe [mg]0.85
Magnesium, Mg [mg]69
Phosphorus, P [mg]33
Potassium, K [mg]603
Sodium, Na [mg]27
Zinc, Zn [mg]0.27
Copper, Cu [mg]0.15
Selenium, Se [µg]2.2
Vitamin A, RAE [µg]78
Carotene, beta [µg]453
Carotene, alpha [µg]3
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) [mg]0.99
Cryptoxanthin, beta [µg]974
Lycopene [µg]3022
Lutein + zeaxanthin [µg]147
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid [mg]40.3
Thiamin [mg]0.05
Riboflavin [mg]0.09
Niacin [mg]1.06
Vitamin B-6 [mg]0.11
Folate, total [µg]61
Choline, total [mg]20.2
Vitamin K (phylloquinone) [µg]8.6
Folate, food [µg]61
Folate, DFE [µg]61
Fatty acids, total saturated [g]0.27
12:0 [g]0.01
14:0 [g]0.04
16:0 [g]0.2
18:0 [g]0.01
18:1 [g]0.11
18:2 [g]0.04
18:3 [g]0.16
16:1 [g]0.13
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated [g]0.24
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated [g]0.19
Sources include : USDA [2]

Dried Papaya Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition, papaya has a high level of vitamin C, pectin, vitamin A, soluble fiber, B vitamins, zinccoppermagnesiumcalcium, and iron. In a 50-gram serving of this dried fruit, you will take in more than 125 calories, including 33 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of protein[3]

Health Benefits

The top health benefits of dried papaya include the following:

  • May help in weight gain
  • May help boost energy
  • May help Improve vision
  • May help strengthen cellular function
  • May prevent macular degeneration
  • May aid in skin care
  • May help improve digestion
  • May help lower cholesterol levels
  • May help lower the risk of chronic diseases

The potentially high levels of carotenoids and antioxidants present in dried papaya help in the lowering the risk of many diseases. If you are recovering from an injury or illness, these dried fruits can be a good way to gain your weight back and provide an energetic boost. Skin health will also benefit from the antioxidants and vitamins, while the high level of soluble fiber will normalize digestion. Some studies have also found that eating this dried fruit can help to lower overall cholesterol levels. 

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